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Embosser: Quality Desk Seal Embosser
This Desk Embossers is very ideal to be used in an office setting. It makes impression easier with a lesser pressure on the handle. Note: Please mail us, preferably in a certified mail, the original Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seals to: American Notary Group 2223 W. Colorado Blvd. / Los Angels, CA 90041.

Notary Errors & Omissions (E&O) - $10,000 / 4Years
Item No.: NEO5
California Only. Notary E&O: Coverage $10,000/4years. It expires with the expiration of your commission.
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$10,000 Notary Errors & Omissions (E&O) - $10,000 / 4Years
Notary E&O: Coverage $10,000/4years. It expires with the expiration of your commission.
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I.D. Guide - International Edition

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One-year Notary Listing on
One Year Notary Listing on Add your notary listing to and be amongst the first notaries to benefit from the low minimum listing fee. Please select additional years and save. $35.00/one-year Sample Listing: John Doe Mobile Notary John Doe Notary Mobile Listing 234 South Any Street Any City, CA 90041 Tel.: (323)349-0860
$39.00 On Sale! $35.00

Bond - $15,000 California Notary Bond. 4-year term
California Notary Bond

This Bond is Required by Law

$15,000 Bond, 4-year term



Note: Notary Bond orders are processed on the same day received!



Two-year Listing on
Item No.: 121373

$50.00 On Sale! $45.00
Please select the number of years.

Membership - One-year Technical Support
One-Year Membership - Benefits Include: Free One-year Listing on, valued at $35.00, Free Notary Decal, valued at $9.95, and One-Year Technical Support, priceless. $49.95/one-year
$75.00 On Sale! $49.95
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