Executive Notary Plan
Executive Notary Plan: One-time fee of $239.02* - The most ideal for both the new and renewing notaries. It has all the needed supplies. It is an excellent way to save money. The annual technical support fee thereafter is $39.00/per year. Ideal Plan for New & Renewing Notaries.

          Pro-Inkless Thumbprinter, E&O - $10,000 / 4 Years, and Notary Embosser and Receipt Book added           to this plan.

  • Technical Support
  • Discount on supplies
  • Free listing in the Internet Directory, - Value $25.00
  • Free Notary Decal - $9.95 Value
  • Low Rates on Notary Bonds - Low Rates on Notary E & O
  • Distinguished affiliation with the American Notary Group.
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