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Note: To become a Notary Public, or renew your commission by mail, select the notary education and notary supplies plan of your choice and send us a large size, self addressed and stamped envelope with stamps in the amount of $1.11 Cents postage; with the following information: Your name, address, e-mail, and telephone number to: American Notary Group: P. O. Box 806 - Glendale, CA. 91209-0806. Or, call us to place your order over the telephone at: (323)349-0860. You may add the fees for both plans and send with payment to:

  • American Notary Group

  • P. O. Box 806

  • Glendale, CA. 91209-0806

  • Tel.: (323)349-0860


Document Custodian Notary Certificate
Have your clients certify the accuracy of their documents by the use of this form.

State-Approved Notary Home-Study Course
California: Notary Public Seminar 101 (Home-Study Edition). This State-Approved Six-hour Course of Study Meets the State of California Mandatory Notary Education.
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Subscribing Witness Certificate
This Subscribing Witness Certificate comes in a Pad of a 100 Nicely Printed Certificates Ready to be Used. Fine Pre-printed Certificates with Instruction Page.


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